The First and Last Concert of Avalonia Jemison’s Peace Lily

Matt Bliss
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Lisa Taylor
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Pity the Squonk

Kathryn Yelinek
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Extinction Memorials

Christopher Mark Rose
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Snail Tank

In  by December 1, 2023
The restaurant was blue, like the whole place had been doused in artificial water, and Noma didn’t like it. She clutched her purse as she followed the hostess, nodded to the staff as she passed. The CEO was in the back room surrounded by fish tanks: three giant panels that held back corals, eels, and […]

Martian Blue

In  by November 18, 2023
“I could have had it all once, you know,” she said, between sips of Martian Blue. “The big house back on Mars, the private shuttle, luxury apartments on Titan and Europa, all of it, the whole package. I could have been living the dream.” I laughed, took a big swig of Enceladusian Red, and wiped […]

Drawing the Line

In  by November 3, 2023
Yevgeny cursed under his breath. Philippa smiled. “Things not going to plan?” the elderly woman asked. “Things never go to plan.” He held up a mangled piece of aluminum alloy. “I’ll need to take this back to the shop and try to use it as a pattern to machine a new one.” He held it […]

The Prairie School

In  by October 27, 2023
It’s all … lines. Penny lowers her sketchbook and looks at her campfire. It flickers, catching the breeze. She looks back at her sketchbook. Lines. Lots of lines. A visual emphasis on the horizontal, intercut with organic motifs. Plans for off-grid, solar-powered tiny homes. Built from an architect’s perspective. She flips through old pages, old […]

The Sand Ship Builders of Chitungwiza

In  by October 20, 2023
The sound of the men and women working outside snatched him from that surreal world between a dream and reality. Muchenjeri could not sit up unaided; the last time he had been able to do that, he reflected, everything else in his world worked too. Ten years ago. He had been on a visit to […]


In  by October 6, 2023
It isn’t always the water that frightens me. When the floods lap below George IV Bridge, the Old Town drowning beneath a surging tide of brownish green, I find the water itself quite beautiful, in a majestic sort of way. What scares me is the waste the water leaves behind. The sea salt that settles […]
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